Appendix 1 – Rules for My School

Rules for My School

I intend to endow a Free School at Llanrhos for the three Parishes of Llandudno, Llanrhos and Llangywystenin, by placing in the hands of Sir Thomas Mostyn, his heirs and assigns, the sum of One Thousand Pounds, who shall appoint a School Master, an orthodox Layman, thoroughly professing the Religion of the Church of England – no Calvinist or Sectary whatever.

The School Master shall be paid Thirty Pounds per annum, and be allowed to take Scholars from those who can afford to pay for their education; as this Institution is intended solely for those who cannot:- and he shall teach them Welsh, English and Writing.

A Woman shall be paid Ten Pounds a year, with the cottage at the end of the school, for teaching the Girls plain-work, knitting, etc, etc and may also take additional scholars as above.

The Children to be taken into the school at six years of age and leave it at twelve. They should then go and gain their livelihood but should attend Saturdays and Sundays to keep up what they have learnt, and the Children should attend their respective Churches, and be made to repeat the Church of England Catechism four times every year in Church.

The Master and Mistress must bring the Children of the Parish of Llanrhos to Church every Sunday, and sit with them in their appropriate places, and see that they behave properly.

The other Ten Pounds a year allowed for Books, Firing, Repairs, etc, etc, as may be wanted.

(Ref: Conwy Archives, ref CX174/10/4)